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Introducing... Chelsea Clinton
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phallus dei
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Edited May 10, 2017, 14:33
Re: Introducing... Chelsea Clinton
May 10, 2017, 03:49
dhajjieboy wrote:
I will let the fact that your's and howburn's threads seem to garner little to zero participation from this site's membership speak for itself.
As far as locking threads 'out of spite'...
Sorry....'FAIL' again....
The site's architects wisely allowed a 'Lock Thread' functionality that provides individual ability to lock threads that have run their respective courses or have been completely conscripted for personal agenda or vendetta.
You seriously delude yourself in believing that i would have any personal interest in 'debating' your 'resources' that link almost invariably to anti-Zionist/Marxist/fundamentalist christian/Rupert Murdoch/Fox news/Extreme right-wing points of view....
The fact that you and howburn constantly link to these 'resources' show that the 2 of you have a profound lack of respect for this sites membership's collective intellects as well as making your respective agenda's completely apparent.


were it with-in my ability, i would lock this completely presumptuous slander filled hatchet job of a thread too.
Your world is closing around you both.

Again, your talk is all shit and no substance. I link to a variety of sources, because unlike you, I don't have the naïve belief that certain news outlets are always either objectively "true" or "false." The world is much too complicated for that. Sources should be evaluated predominantly for the information they contain, not where they come from.

Included among the sources I have linked to are Variety, the NYT, the BBC, Sky news, the London Review of Books, the New Yorker, and the United Nations... not what's typically considered to be "anti-Zionist, fundamentalist Christian, extreme right wing sources." In fact, I challenge to you point out when I have ever linked to any sources that fall under those headings. (Though to be fair, I do think Zionism should be opposed).

The person who repeatedly insults the intelligence and political proclivities of the visitors of this site is you, who consistently supports viewpoints fundamentally at odds with what Cope has espoused in his music and linear notes, and who hurls vicious insults at anyone who disagrees with your narrow views.

The reason U-Know does not live up to its potential - to be a forum for the discussion of "politics, righteous talk, and direct action" - is no doubt largely because of you, and your piss-poor approach to debate.

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