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Re: Irony
Mar 22, 2017, 13:46
Howburn Digger wrote:
nigelswift wrote:
sanshee wrote:
People up here vote SNP not for the 'dream of independence' but the free prescriptions, the oldies for the free Scotland wide bus travel, maybe even the free tuition.

But will Scotland in a post-Brexit UK be able to afford any of those?

Post-Brexit? The EU doesn't pay for free bus travel for pensioners in Scotland. The EU doesn't pay for free prescriptions in Scotland. The EU doesn't pay for free tuition in Scotland. In Scotland, Holyrood prioritises those very policies which MSP's stood for in their manifestos and people voted for. They are nothing to do with the England's priorities (or lack of them) or the EU. Even Wales and Northern Ireland opted for the Free Prescription no-brainer.

It is cheaper to issue free prescriptions than to charge and have to manage a system of low-pay/ benefit entitlement refunds and reductions in charges. When everyone gets their prescription free, people just get healthier quicker, or get the pain relief they need without having to choose between pain relief and heating. The Scottish People decided that it was better to get pensioners out and about than have them sitting in their homes getting older while empty buses collected subsidies on those routes anyway.

It is that simple.

I don't support the SNP, but the one about the SNP being scared of Labour is one of the funniest jokes ever. Scared of the Torylite, dearie me :-)
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