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Yes, it's important this time
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Welsh Andy
Welsh Andy
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Re: Yes, it's important this time
May 25, 2012, 12:01
Hi, I'm new here. I registered for the archaeological side of the site but my first comment is on a political thread. :/ erk

I've lived in Scotland for most of the last 11 years and, whilst I'm not a nationalist, I will be voting in the referendum and voting for independence. My reasons for doing so are quite different from most people though I feel.

I have to say, first, that nationalists of all stripes irk me no end. From the naive romanticism of the 'shortbread' nationalists to the rabid racism of a minority and the bizarreness of the left wing nationalists; they can all, as is the phrase up here, 'get tae fuck'.

But I will still be voting for independence. Why? Because I want to see the Daily Mail spontaneously combust. Because I want to watch the Loyal Orange Lodge have a collective seizure. Because these things will be hilarious. independence for the lulz. Any other justification for a yes vote is nonsense. :)
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