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Yes, it's important this time
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John Rice
John Rice
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Edited May 08, 2012, 18:57
Re: Yes, it's important this time
May 08, 2012, 15:46
Nationalism is generally a terrible thing in my view. But living under a government that only won a single parliamentary seat (out of more than 50) is also pretty terrible. In most places it would be called "tyranny". I'm not saying we're in Robert Mugabe territory of course. It's not the world's worst tyranny... but from a Scottish perspective it's certainly not democracy.

And I'm not sure "a bit more devolution" is going to solve that. Scotland will still end up paying taxes to a tory government that almost no Scottish person voted for. It's just not right. In exactly the same way that the Greeks, Irish and Portuguese are basically being ruled from Frankfurt at the moment by people they never voted for (it's not Berlin or Brussels calling the shots, but the Frankfurt-based ECB), the situation is fundamentally unjust.

I don't see - in the case of Scotland - any better solution than independence. And call me naive if you like, but if I were Scottish I would rather take the risk on independence than accept tyranny for economic reasons. Hell, it's working for the people of Iceland.
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