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Why is Roman stuff buried, & Neolithic stuff not?
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Re: Why is Roman stuff buried, & Neolithic stuff not?
Oct 18, 2017, 15:08
As I said, the build up is probably down to people/farming. The area has probably been under plough and arable since the last settlers deserted it, wouldn't take an age to build up quite a humic layer. Times that by years, decades and centuries and there's yer answer.

If you garden, think of the compost produced by just mowing grass, let alone all the pruning of shrubs and trees, add to that all your veg and fruit peelings, brocken crockery and animal bones and it soon adds up. This year alone, my 120ft by 20ft garden has produced about 51 bin liners of garden waste alone that went to the green tip, and we're just one family, with a tiny plot with grass trees and shrubs, and without livestock or all the other trappings of farming. And that doesn't include what we keep to compost either. It all adds up.

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