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Bladerunner 2049
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Bladerunner 2049
Oct 08, 2017, 06:41
Anyone else been out to watch it yet?
I gotta say, the original Bladerunner is my fav' film of all time, so it was with a little trepadation that I paid my monies and sat down to watch. Initial feeling is, I was a little disapponted by the follow up (which is essentially the same plot, with similar characters and a few tweeks here and there). The running time is 2h 43, so it's a bit of an endurance test fer ya buttocks, but I felt whilst it looked absolutely gorgeous (maybe a bit too slavishly cap doffered to original looks/sound wise), it was deffo style over content for me. Acting is fine, but I felt every scene was drawn out way beyond what it needed, which sapped any tension or pace massively.
The original was by no means an action movie, but it certainly had a bit more va va voom than the '2049' version, (which shouldn't really surprise me, as 2049 is directed by the same guy as did the movie 'Arrival', which I liked, but again, was kinda slow).
In many respects, (and it's a different film altogether) it reminded me of 'Neon Demon', another film that looked amazing, but left you with a distinct 'meh' feeling after. In my opinion, the more natural follow up to Bladerunner, is the film adaption of the anime classic 'Ghost In The Shell' with Scarlett Johanson. It looks every bit as good as either Bladerunner movie, and has a punchier pacier script, and covers similar distopian themes.
Anyway, that's my 2p worth. Bladerunner 2049, a bit long and ponderous, looks amazing, but lacks pace...I kinda feel the weight of the original hung too heavy over the project for it to be a complete success (a bit like the recent Alien Covenent movie). Still, I'll probably watch it again.... (jokingly) maybe they should stick an 'interlude' in the middle like they did with long films when I was a kid...or stick an usherette selling Ice cream to give you a break or something, as it is an age to sit on your hiney. I'm fully expecting 7 different cuts to emerge over the coming years, each one claiming to be the best. And yes, I do own the super immersive multi disc/version of the movie on bluray. Weirdly, much like Bowies version of 'Raw Power', I've still a massive soft spot for the original Sam Spadey dubbed narration version of Bladerunner that came out before all the directors tweeking etc...
I just read that the movie isn't doing so well at the box office over opening weekend, much like the original, so maybe there is more longevity in it cos' of that. Many a future classic has bombed at the cinema.

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