Julian Cope presents Head Heritage


Artist Title Author Date
Steamhammer Speech achuma 29th Jan 06
Stray Suicide achuma 29th Mar 06
Stray Stray achuma 29th Mar 06
Strife Rockin' The Boat - Live at the Nottingham Boat Club achuma 28th May 06
Strife Rush achuma 3rd Jan 06
Strife Back ToThunder achuma 28th May 06
The Coloured Balls Heavy Metal Kid achuma 9th Feb 06
The Coloured Balls Ball Power achuma 9th Feb 06
The Coloured Balls & Friends Summer Jam achuma 9th Feb 06
Tomorrow's Gift Goodbye Future achuma 14th May 06
Verto Krig/Volubilis achuma 23rd Apr 06
Verto Reel 19 36 achuma 23rd Apr 06
X [Oz] X-Aspirations achuma 24th May 07
Agitation Free Last Adman 1st Feb 03
Crispy Ambulance The Plateau Phase Adman 2nd Mar 02
Steve Reich Early Works Adman 9th Mar 02
Wolfgang Riechmann Wunderbar Adman 27th Feb 02
Pok & The Spacegoats Rock and Roll Prophesy presents An End to War Aegus_P_McFnudd 21st Jul 09
Aillohas Sami Eatnan Duoddariid aether 21st Aug 12
Brainticket Celestial Ocean aether 6th Oct 12
Charles Gross Blue Sunshine O.S.T. aether 7th Oct 12
Don Cherry Here And Now aether 2nd Mar 10
Eberhard Schoener Meditation aether 10th Aug 12
Esa Kotilainen Ajatuslapsi aether 3rd Sep 12
Goom Massai Parts 1/2 aether 12th Aug 10
Grachan Moncur III New Africa aether 16th Sep 10
Igra Staklineh Perli Inner Flow aether 1st Jul 10
Iraklis Se Allous Kosmous aether 31st May 10
Irmin Schmidt & Inner Space Kama Sutra - Vollendung der Liebe O.S.T. aether 25th Feb 10
King Crimson The Power to Believe aether 18th Jun 11
Kingdom Come Journey aether 21st Sep 12
Rob Thomsett Yaraandoo aether 28th Dec 11
Savage Rose Doden's Triumf aether 7th Nov 12
Shub Niggurath Live 13/1/89 aether 12th Oct 10
Sven Grunberg Hingus aether 27th Aug 13
Tarentel The Order of Things aether 11th Sep 12
White Witch White Witch aether 25th Sep 12
Youske Yamashita and Tsutsui Yasutaka IE aether 16th Jan 12
Udder Milk Decay Take A Teat Al Telstar 13th Nov 05
Amon duul 2 Phallus Dei albert 7th Jun 09
Firewater Get Off the Cross We Need the Wood for the Fire Alex in NYC 6th Apr 02
Kiss Destroyer Alex in NYC 9th Aug 03
Electric Prunes Lost Dreams Alexis 19th Oct 01
More Plastic The Last Silver Special Alexis 25th Sep 00
Mutantes Mutantes Alexis 18th Oct 00
Q65 The Complete Collection 1966-69 Alexis 14th May 01
Radio Birdman Radios Appear Alexis 25th Sep 00
The Missing Links Driving You Insane: The Complete Recordings Alexis 12th Jan 01
Unknown Music for the Gods (Fahnstock Expedition) Alexis 10th Jul 01
Various Artists Those Were Different Times:Cleveland 72-76 Alexis 28th Sep 00

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