Julian Cope presents Head Heritage


Artist Title Author Date
Acid Mothers Temple Absolutely Freak Out (Zap Your Mind) Annexus Quam 14th May 01
Royal Trux Accelerator Dog 3000 4th Oct 03
Primal Scream Acclrtr Joe Kenney 15th Dec 03
Ace Frehley Ace Frehley Cerberus 9th Mar 03
Motorhead Ace of Spades Rev Matt 18th Sep 00
Half Man Half Biscuit Achtung Bono The Count 11th Feb 06
SupaStuka Achtung! Spitfire! Moon Cat 1st Apr 03
Phuture Acid Trax Moon Cat 14th Nov 01
Steve Kilbey Acoustic and Intimate Mr Altres 16th Aug 00
Hanadensha Acoustic Mothership dave 28th Feb 01
Beggar's Opera Act One mcongraff 27th Jul 05
Jan Garbarek Quartet Afric Pepperbird Fitter Stoke 7th Aug 02
The Veldt Afrodisiac Le Samourai 2nd Mar 01
Jefferson Airplane After Bathing At Baxter's Dog 3000 17th Mar 03
After Dinner After Dinner/Live Editions Usiim Caan 20th Oct 01
The Auteurs After Murder Park Robin Tripp 24th Jun 06
Blodwyn Pig Ahead Rings Out Fitter Stoke 23rd Aug 02
Japandorf Ai / Love phallus dei 12th Apr 13
Esa Kotilainen Ajatuslapsi aether 3rd Sep 12
El Camaron de la Isla Al Verte Las Flores Lloran U Are A Ghost 5th Oct 10
Alan Vega Alan Vega Lawrence 30th Nov 11
Tom Waits Alice Robin Tripp 8th May 06
Peter Howell Alice through the Looking Glass Robin Tripp 3rd Jun 07
Chrome Alien Soundtracks ur 21st Jul 00
Chrome Alien Soundtracks/Chrome Box Tim Regis 22nd Jul 00
Nirvana (UK) All of Us pezza 3rd Sep 07
Blitz All Out Attack EP Fitter Stoke 18th Apr 07
Ofo The Black Company Allah Wakbarr The Beep Seal 20th Mar 02
Elvis Presley Almost In Love flashbackcaruso 25th Sep 10
Honolulu Mountain Daffodils Aloha Sayonara Wiggy 1st Sep 05
Tangerine Dream Alpha Centauri stereomachine 5th Feb 05
Kinski Alpine Static Five 24th Jul 05
DR. STRANGELY STRANGE Alternative Medicine horazio 9th Jun 08
Wolf Eyes Always Wrong U Are A Ghost 9th Apr 10
Various Artists Amandla! Sountrack chuckzk 5th Feb 03
Johnny Cash American III: Solitary Man Curly 12th Dec 01
Neil Young American Stars & Bars Dog 3000 6th Jul 03
The Guess Who American Woman Dog 3000 24th Jan 05
Amon Duul 2 Amon Duul Play Phallus Dei (DVD) king feeb 25th Oct 03
Boris Amplifier Worship Thom Kurotenshi 24th Oct 03
Roger Waters Amused To Death Joolio Geordio 29th Jun 02
Pearls Before Swine An Appreciation And Love Song Billy Milk 18th May 03
White Noise An Electric Storm briandroid 26th Feb 02
White Noise An Electric Storm Mrs Ahab 14th Jul 04
Boris Karloff An Evening With Boris Karloff And Friends The Count 13th Sep 07
Chas Smith An Hour Out of Desert Center Lugia 18th Mar 04
Universal Panzies An Overview Annexus Quam 24th Apr 03
Televison Personalities And Don't The Kids Just Love It ricky nadir 30th Jun 03
Between And the Waters Opened Lascivia 18th Jun 06
Gong Angels Egg Squid Tempest 12th Aug 00

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