White Heaven
Threshold Of The Pain/4 Hours

Released 1994 on HG Fact
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 27/07/2003ce

White Heaven were a Japanese group who were described to me as Japan's answer to Quicksilver Messenger Service. So being a huge QMS fan I had to run out and grab anything by them. Their album "Out" is a deadly near classic stoner platter that is not very far removed from some the recent groups coming out of the deserts of the West Coast of America. The album's only real flaw is a slightly cloudy lo-fi mix.
This is not the case on their 1994 45 "Threshold Of The Pain" b/w "4 Hours (In The Afternoon)" This single is a high energy raver that hits you in the mouth like a jab from former heavyweight champ Larry Holmes. "Threshold Of The Pain" is a scorching rocker that sounds like Dino Valenti and John Cipollina of QMS teamed with 1968 vintage Blue Cheer. Lead singer You Ishihara is a dead ringer for Valenti circa 1970, and the twin guitar attack of Ishihara and Michio Kurihara is also something to behold.
The flipside "4 Hours (In The Afternoon)" is a lonesome stoner ballad that sounds kinda like The Stooges' scuzzy first album track "Ann" crossed with a dose of 1966 Seeds. You can't miss with either track on this bitch of a 45.
Those wishing to obtain a copy try www.forcedexposure.com which is a superb and highly efficient mail order company in the USA. I believe they still have some in stock.

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