Human Expression
Every Night /Love At Psychedelic Velocity

Released 1967 on Accent
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 22/01/2003ce

I really can't believe that more people out there aren't singing the praises of this incredible Los Angeles area group from the late 1960's. To my ears they were one of the most incredible groups of all time, right up there with The 13th Floor Elevators, Seeds, Love and well even The Hugh Beaumont Experience!!
The Human Expresion sadly only issued 3 45's during the short lifetime but man did they make them count. "Every Night" was their first and boy is it a goodie. The topside is an eerie minor-key psych-folk trip ballad that sounds like The Seeds and The Godz blended into a satisfying gothic-folk stew.
But nothing can prepare you for the flip "Love At Psychedelic Velocity" this song actually lives up to it's rather lofty title. It begins at breakneck speed aided by a hypnotic Hawkwind style guitar riff, then explodes into an absolute frenzy that is so fast and furious if this song was a train it would most definately have jumped the tracks. Then it slows down to a crawl that brings to mind many of the US hardcore groups of the 1980's. Finally it leaps back into orbit and ends with a crash and a growl that sounds like The Munsters pet Spot ( who lived under the stairs.) Wow!! what a record!! I may get flak for saying this but this record even tops the Elevators at their wildest.
The other 2 45's by The Human Expresion were also fabulous. You can hear their entire output on a US CD "Love At Psychedelic Velocity" that came out in the mid 90's and to me was the most important 60's re-issue since "Before The Dream Faded" by The Misunderstood back in the early 80's. Don't bother looking for their records though as I'm told Human Expression 45's sell for about the price of a 3 bedroom house.

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