Tavares - It Only Takes A Minute/I Hope She Chooses Me

It Only Takes A Minute/I Hope She Chooses Me

Released 1975 on Capitol
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 28/03/2002ce

This record comes from that fucking awful year of 1975 (truly the musical dead zone.) This thing was all over the radio that year and it's a pretty boss,driving pre-disco blast of urban soul (kinda like War meets the Dennis Edwards era Temptations.)

The song begins with a wicked synth-line and punchy horns (which may or may not be real.) The track has great singing, tight arrangement not to mention the classic lines "now in the unemployment line, you can spend your life reading signs, waiting for your interview, they can shoot the whole day for you." These lines always made me laugh even when I was 15 years old, I mean if you're in the unemployment line what the fuck else do you have to do with your day?The flip "I Hope She Chooses Me" is not bad either, it sounds like a pretty good Jerry Butler imitation. Both tracks can also be found on the ultra-bitchin' "In The City" album.

On a final note Tavares may or may not be related to former Pittsburgh Pirates shortstop Frank Tavares!!!!

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