Hot Wire My Heart/Baby, You're So Repulsive

Released 1976 on Crime
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 26/02/2002ce

Crime were a San Francisco based punk band who only issued a few 45's during their brief lifetime. But they are records that have had a vast influence on many underground USA groups during the last 20 years or so. Crime's sound was so raw and primitive it is beyond belief. It's hard to compare them to anybody really, but perhaps The Heartbreakers or The Neon Boys would be a safe comparison.

"Hot Wire My Heart" is an awesome blast of seething, punk rock primal scream therapy. The guitar on this track rumbles and explodes like an erupting volcano which will knock any listener in the face like a left hook from Smokin' Joe Fraizer. Sonic Youth did a worthwhile cover of it on their "Sister" album, but nothing can touch the original. And let's face it any group who could come up with a song called "Piss On Your Dog" deserves instant election into the Punk Rock hall of fame.

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