Electric Prunes
Lost Dreams

Released 2000 on birdman
Reviewed by Alexis, 19/10/2001ce

I had only heard "Ive had too much to dream", and "get me to the world on time", because I had heard really bad things about this band. Along comes this compilation of their best stuff, and I'm a convert. Features some great previously unreleased tracks, and the best of the stuff from their first two albums. The 23 songs were picked by the singer and the bassist to give the best representation of the band. There's alot of songs that measure up to the 2 better known ones. , like "shadows", "try me on for size", "you never had it better", and "long days flight". This is a great mixture of psychedelia and fuzz guitar. Also recommended is a live album from 67 in Stockholm I think. I have a few tracks I got from the internet which are pretty amazing, showing the band as closer to a lightwieght MC5 than a real psych band. If you're interested in the Elextric Prunes this is the album to get, there are too many throwaways on the actual albums (as I've discovered in my search for more of their stuff- this pretty much is ALL the good stuff)

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