Gene Clark
Echoes/I Found You

Released 1966 on Columbia
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 02/02/2001ce

Gene Clark left The Byrds in 1966 due to mental exhaustion (which probably meant he could no longer stand David Crosby), he seemed to recover in a flash and went right into the studio where he recorded the stellar "Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers" album that was criminally ignored at the time of it's release in 1966. This is a faultless album that stands up to anything recorded by The Byrds or anyone else for that matter.
"Echoes" was chosen as the single from the album and it is an absolute knockout, the song was arranged superbly by Leon Russell who also conducted the wonderful string section that really brings the song to life. This song demands your attention and has the same effect on me as Love's "Alone Again Or" in fact this song would have fit nicely on Love's "Forever Changes". Gene's rich voice is blended perfectly with the spectacular musical accompaniment not to mention Gene's fabulous Arthur Lee-like lyrics. The flipside "I Found You" is also dynamite and can also be found on the "Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers" album which has recently been re-issued on 180 gram vinyl on the US based Sundazed label with an extra track.
Still it's the "Echoes" 45 that will really nail you to the wall, in my opinion it's one of the greatest recordings in the history of popular music.

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