The Missing Links
Driving You Insane: The Complete Recordings

Released 1999 on Half a Cow
Reviewed by Alexis, 12/01/2001ce

Driving me insane-really! This is perhaps the best 60's reissue Ive ever purchased. The links were Australia's feedback and crazy guitar kings of the mid 60's. This cd compiles the complete recordings of both lineups, including unreleased cuts, and some recordings by the Showmen, whom the links stole the rhythm sectino from for the 2nd lineup. I'm gonna start with the package, because this cd is gorgeous-gatefold cardboard cd, with a 30 page book (tons of pictures). The sleeve is a replica of their posthumous "links unchained ep (66). The first 17 tracks are from the 2nd lineup, including the EP, +the album, and a 45 b-side. The only problem with these songs is that they are not from the master tapes-the sound is good, but noticeably worse than the 1st lineups, which are from the masters. There are a lot of covers, including Diddley, Dylan, James Brown and some rockabilly. These range from amazing to great (the performance is always amazing but I'm not wild about some of the songs-like Kansas City or Nervous Breakdown). The album includes the original version of Wild About You (covered by the Saints on their 1st lp) which is more freaked than the saints. There is also the amazing driving you insane with wild feedback, crazy guitar, and the singer yelling"turn your radio up". My favourite track(its hard to pick) is H'tuom Tuhs (baby keep your big mouth shut) it's the same recording as Baby, but released backwards-it sounds like Spacemen3 in 1965, and it's my altime freakout song (yes BETTER than the Litter doing Im a a Man!) The Ep is mostly covers but also has a great freakout: Dont give me no Friction. The First lineup was a little more pop-py, and only released one 45. Their best song is the unreleased All I want (which is better than the album version). There are 7 songs by this lineup in all. the are also 3 tracks from 45s by the Showmen, which are also really good. THe best of these is Naughty girl, which I believe has appeared on some compilations. The last track is a tv appearance by Running Jumping Standing Still (containg some members of the links). This is extremely low-fi, but it's still a pretty good version of Diddy wah diddy. Track this cd down, it's worth the expense (an australian release) if you love wild 60's music.

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