Cave Rock

Released 1969 on ESP
Reviewed by hungryhippie, 25/11/2000ce

This is the one.
This is what copey was talking about last year, shamanic rock n roll. Banging sticks to sound cool.
this album is worth owning simply for the fantastic Organic Sundown. seven minutes of banging and chanting "SLEEEEEEEP!". It sounds like the early preparation stages in some twisted torture scene from a prehistoric hammer movie.
But, lets return to the beginning, Caledonia. Bagpipes. yes, bagpipes. this one reminds me of "hey high class butcher". although the bagpipe part is slightly reminiscant of a dodgy eighties track from australia, the title and artist of which has evaded me.
Caledonia serves as an optimistic beginning, despite its inherent marilyn mansonisms. let us then dive deeper. "The ritual feast of the libido". This is the soundtrack to pain. this "song" hurts even me, and i am unable to sense pain. I played this to a friend who loves thrash metal. he hates cromagnon.
Fantasy starts like the beach boys (weak link). laughing, animal sounds, reminiscent of the Godz white cat heat.
okay, ESP, great records, i'm sure the artists were thrilled to hear that they had total freedom, but i really must say, buyer beware. You wont like this album, but you will feel strangely compelled to listen to it again. just to make sure.

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