Edgar Broughton Band
Sing Brother Sing,EBB,Inside Out

Released 1970-1972 on Harvest
Reviewed by DMH, 12/03/2019ce

Much appreciation for the piece on EBB's debut Wasa Wasa. Much as I love this album,I feel it is often placed above the band's later releases. Sing Brother Sing bears striking Beefheart influences but may somehow manage to be an even more deeply disturbing release,with it's willingness to depict not only addled perception but violence and madness.
The self titled third album is no less challenging,though a bit more accessible. "Evening Over Rooftops'" is a masterpiece.
I have a special place in my heart for the fourth album,"Inside Out." It came at a crucial time in Britain and strikes me as a kind of working class manifesto. Word has it John Lennon overheard the sessions for "Homes Fit for Heroes" and expressed his admiration to the group.
To avoid being long winded i won't detail their final Harvest LP"Oora" though it too is quite good.
In general,The Edgar Broughton Band were a seriously ballsy bunch -they have seemed of their time but with their commitment and political fearlessness, we could use them now more than ever. Their catalog is easily obtainable and highly recommended.

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