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Shiny Joe Ryan - The Cosmic Microwave Background

Shiny Joe Ryan
The Cosmic Microwave Background

Released 2014 on Spinning Top
Reviewed by Graveyard Poet, 15/10/2015ce

What is the Cosmic Microwave Background?

It is the remnants of remaining radiation and energy left behind by the Big Bang.

It is within all of us.

Shiny Joe Ryan (guitarist and multi-instrumentalist for Australian psychedelic rock band Pond) has built an album of epic soundscapes that are sure to make you feel a multitude of emotions, ranging from childhood nostalgia and bittersweet love to melancholy loneliness and spiritual awe.

Imagine if Chris Bell, after polishing his pristine production on Big Star's #1 Record, had not faded into obscurity but had instead re-entered the studio to jam with a Krautrock backing band and craft his own space rock masterpiece. That's what this album is--fuzzed-out rhythms, heavenly vocal harmonies (a la the Zombies), stunning, smile-inducing melodies, and experimental textures that take you on a trip through canyons of glowing reverb.

Starshine medicine which makes the nerve synapses fire the inspiring creative chemicals in your brain.

BLISS OUT.........

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