Chariot - Chariot


Released 1968 on National General
Reviewed by zphage, 25/06/2011ce

1. Yolanda Jones
2. You Let Me Love You
3. Gamblin’ Man
4. The War Is Over
5. Home Wreckin’ Mama
6. Hey People
7. Variety Woman
8. Got To Be A Lover
9. Poor Man Blues

Hard rocking US power trio spun off from '66-'68 Los Angeles Knack

Dates of release are usually given as 1968,

but it is believed to have been as late as 1971

Straight forward, hard rock with soulful raspy vocals, tight playing, tight songs

Hard rocking, not really psychy,

A mainstream play at a radio friendly Grand Funk/ James Gang sound

Guitar playing is tasteful, and in service to the song,

therefore, no long crazed solos

Overall, a solid and enjoyable late 60's/early 70's hard rock album,

that should have been a radio staple

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