The Students
Every Day Of The Week/I'm So Young

Released 1958 on Note
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 03/10/2000ce

I first heard this great 45 in 1985 and I thought it was a lost Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers song. I immediately started looking for any Frankie Lymon record I could find (and afford), no luck at all, was I ever frustated but it wasn't all in vain as I found some cool Frankie Lymon sides I had never heard, did you know Frankie was recording as late as 1968? neither did I but I actually found his 1968 45 on Big Kat, wow he had a deep voice and everything. But back to the matter at hand, I had almost given up finding "Every Day Of The Week" when an R&B freak I knew came over and informed me it wasn't Frankie Lymon at all it was a group called The Students! COOL!

"Every Day Of The Week" was given three different releases on 3 different labels Note, Checker and Argo the Note issue being the first and rarest ($500APT). So I settled for the Argo issue. I still swear that Frankie Lymon is singing lead but I guess not, no matter this is still Top Drawer harmony Rock&Roll, the song begins with some chunky guitar chords The Students then join in with their faultless backing vocals and then the "Head" Student (name unknown) takes over with a dramatic Frankie Lymon style lead, the song builds to a fantastic climax with some life changing harmony singing ( I still get chills at this point of the song!)

There you have it!, an all time great of early Rock&Roll and a major discovery for me and hopefully you all out there. Still on a sad note this record always reminds me of the tragic ending to the life of the great Frankie Lymon. Wherever you are Frankie Rest In Peace You're Still The COOLEST!!!

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