Radio Birdman
Radios Appear

Released 2025 on Trafalgar /Polydor Australia
Reviewed by Alexis, 25/09/2000ce

Radio Birdman are one of the pre-eminent bands of the Australian cult of Iggy. There are 2 versions of their debut album, one released in Australia, and an overseas version which contain some different tracks, and some remixes. The overseas version can be identified by the black and white band picture on the cover. This is one of my favourite Oz bands, a mix of the Stooges, 60's garage and surf, all sped up. There is not one bad song on either of the versions of the album. The first song I heard by them was Hand of Law, a great surf rock song with a Killer bass line. New Race is their most punk (70's sense) song an anthem :"we"re gonna start a new race, the kids are gonna start it up". The Oz release has a very intense cover of TV Eye , and 2 more ballady type songs (Love Kills & Monday Morning Gunk) which aren't on the 2nd version. The overseas release has an ode to the TV show Hawaii 5-0
(Aloha Steve and Danno), a couple of guitar freakouts(What Gives & Hit Them Again), and my absolute fave version of the 13th Floor Elevators' "You're Gonna Miss Me".
Both versions we're reissued seperately on cd in the late 80's and again as a single cd
in 1995, remastered by the bands singer( I believe it was also reissued on vinyl for the purists). This is well worth owning for a Stooges, garage or (70's) punk enthusisast.

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