Fulcrum - Humanological Hazard b/w Systematically Designed Power

Humanological Hazard b/w Systematically Designed Power

Released 1998 on Order of the Death's Head
Reviewed by Lawrence, 08/12/2009ce

This is a total oddity in that I can't find any info about it at Discogs, although the band is listed as having the same two songs on a rare French CDr compilation. Although also I can tell that the address on this record is Washington State. I'm thinking, once I borrow a camera, I'll document this record on Discogs just to give it the justice it deserves. Once in awhile you find an incredible enigma from a band never heard of again (and it's a shame...) This is a fine example of 'Industrial Music' I'd easily play for people who are curious about such.

In fact it's Industrial right down to the abandoned machine on the cover and the Dadaist song titles. The a-side starts with a voice describing being fed drugs intravenously, followed by Throbbing Gristle-style guitar and some early Whitehouse synth action. Not to mention some punky angst vocals that remind me of early Ramleh, and another voice uttered through a harmonizer.

The b-side just has the guitar and vocals, although only two notes are played repetitively in a slow fashion, and the lyrics are a bit more incendiary. Seems like the whole theme is resistance to control, of course a recurring theme in this kind of music.

This might not sound like much on paper, but this trio do what they do so perfectly it's a shame this is the only document that remains here...

edit: I changed the date finding out that the record label had two other releases listed on Discogs dating from 1998-99. And I also found out this band contains members of the death metal group Landfill...

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