The Wheels Of Time - 1984 b/w So Long

The Wheels Of Time
1984 b/w So Long

Released 1967 on Spin
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 27/02/2009ce

The Wheels Of Time were an Irish group that is thought to have been an offshoot of the great Irish freakbeat group The Wheels (of "Road Block" fame) though I have never seen that confirmed. "1984" appears to have been The Wheels Of Time's only record and it's a creepy little record at that. In many ways "1984" reminds me a great deal of the Vancouver B.C. group The Painted Ship's "Frustration" with it's dense production and semi-mumbled vocals. The song also has a weird swirling organ sound similar to early Doors records (highly unusual for a UK group) and I swear I hear traces of saxophone during the song's fade, which reminds me of The Sleepers' 45 "Mirror." Those wishing to hear this record should try and track down the Italian "Hen's Teeth/Psychedelia" sampler which came out in the mid 90's, it will be worth your trip for sure.

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