John Walker
Kentucky Woman b/w I Cried All The Way Home

Released 1968 on Phillips
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 31/01/2009ce

Of the three Walker Brothers, John Walker seems to get the least amount of attention these days, which is a shame because John has made some great records over the years that beg to be re-discovered. My personal favorite of John's was this fantastic double-sider that was issued in 1968. The A side is a fantastic cover of Neil Diamond's "Kentucky Woman" that just explodes from the grooves, the arrangement is just fantastic, this without a doubt my favorite version of the song. You must turn the record over because "I Cried All The Way Home" actually surpasses the A side, this track is first class all the way, and every bit as vibrant as "Kentucky Woman." Both sides of this single are spectacular and it can be found for next to nothing.

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