The Colors Out Of Time - Rock Section

The Colors Out Of Time
Rock Section

Released 1981 on Monsters In Orbit
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 30/08/2000ce

The Colors Out Of Time were a short lived group from Manchester England who I believe only released 2 45's, but man did they make them count!!
This release is thier best as it contains the savage rocker "Rock Section" which is an ode to fallen rock stars (Brian Jones in particular) perhaps this is a sinister answer to The Righteous Brothers' "Rock and Roll Heaven". The song opens with some pulverising guitar muscle similar to that of early Comsat Angels, the singer then starts moaning " I didn't wanna die, I didn't wanna O.D.", this song is in your face all the way and never lets up. It's really a classic song and it deserves more attention than it got back in 1981.
The rest of this 3 song single is no slouch either "Mambo Girls Mambo" opens with a state of the art Joy Division type bass riff that also recalls The Teardrop Explodes "East of the Equator" and carries on sounding like England's answer to USA band The Wipers.
On the flipside is "Dancing With Joy" a tense and moody downer ballad that sounds like early Wah! Heat blended with The Pop Group, this song has some inspired guitar work and a melodramatic eerie vocal. The song may be called "Dancing With Joy" but it sounds like a nightmare to me. A great disc for sure. Who were the Colors Out Of Time?, I don't know, but I could sure use some more of this!!!!!!

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