One In A Million - Fredreek Hernando/Double Sight

One In A Million
Fredreek Hernando/Double Sight

Released 1967 on MGM
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 08/11/2007ce


Alan Young-guitar, vocals
Jimmy McCullouch-guitar, vocals
Jack McCullouch-drums
William Scenters-Bass

This 45 is one of the greatest singles of the British psychedelic era with both sides being as innovative and potent as anything The Who, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Beatles or Rolling Stones served up. One In A Million were a Glasgow, Scotland quartet featuring teenage guitar prodigy Jimmy McCullouch (later of Thunderclap Newman & Wings) and his brother Jack on drums (also a member of Thunderclap Newman.) Their first single which coupled "Use Your Immagination"/"Hold On" (CBS 1967) was a confident debut but in no way prepared listeners for their second 45 which we will be talking about here.

Like most people I was introduced to this record by it's inclusion on the first volume of Chocolate Soup For Diabetics (both sides of the 45 were featured on the album.) "Fredreek Hernando" which was slated as the A side is nothing short of spectacular, for fans of UK psych. it has every trick in the book in terms of period gimmicks and effects (backwards guitars & cymbals, panning, phasing, gruff lead vocals and soaring background harmonies) this song you could say provided a blueprint for The Jam's excursion into psychedelia a decade later. It also sounds very close to another UK freakbeat group included on volume 1 of "Chocolate Soup Dantalion's Chariot.

The flipside "Double Sight" is every bit as impressive, this one is also overloaded with psychedelic effects and has a menacing and insistent beat with top notch vocals. I guess I could compare it to The Pretty Things during their "Electric Banana" phase and also with the greatest sides by The Creation. I was lucky enough to score a copy for $40 back around 1984. For anyone wishing to hear this great 45 it has been included on the numerous "Chocolate Soup" CD re-issues and thank GOD for that!

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