Paper Blitz Tissue - Boy Meets Girl b/w Grey Man

Paper Blitz Tissue
Boy Meets Girl b/w Grey Man

Released 1967 on RCA
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 07/11/2007ce

Paper Blitz Tissue were one of the many UK underground groups who got lost in the shuffle. The group were mainstays as a support act though and one can find their name usually third-billed to major UK headlining acts during the psychedelic era. There was a rumor Yes/King Crimson drummer Bill Bruford was at one time a member of the group but I have never seen his name in their official roster. Paper Blitz Tissue's lineup did include Dave Du Fort, Terry Keatley, Derek Needham and Bernie Lee on guitar & vocals. Dave Du Fort was later in underground act East Of Eden and a sideman for ex-Soft Machine man Kevin Ayers.

Of the two tracks on offer here "Boy Meets Girl" is the better known number having been compiled onto the "Chocolate Soup For Diabetics Volume 2" sampler (the song was mastered a bit too fast on that album as the actual 45 is much slower but no less intense.) "Boy Meets Girl" is UK psychedelia at it's finest, featuring a gruff lead vocal, upfront bassline and blistering lead guitar phrases that remind me of Cream at their best. The song was written by one Ron Grainer for a UK TV theme, Grainer actually issued a 45 of the song himself in a MOR instrumental form that was quite nice.

The B-side "Grey Man" is lyrically a bit of a put down of the older generation for not understanding the new "hip" culture. The lyrics are a bit sappy but the song itself is not bad and carries an arrangement that is quite similar to The Association's "Along Comes Mary." The song's only drawback is the somewhat odd, jazz-like guitar part that begins and ends the song, but overall it is worthy of a listen or two. However when it is all said and done "Boy Meets Girl" is what Paper Blitz Tissue will be remembered for.

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