The Other Half - What Can I Do For You/Bad Day

The Other Half
What Can I Do For You/Bad Day

Released 1967 on Acta
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 11/05/2007ce

This single was The Other Half's third release and for some reason it has escaped certain discographies. Basically what's on offer is the group's tough, uncompromising attack on garage R&B punk. The A-side is sort of an odd choice for a single in that is kinda slow and menacing and probably more suited to being an album track. That being said, it is a great track all the way through, it reminds me of the potent, funky sound of the first Steppenwolf album.

"Bad Day" really should have been the A-side because it just ignites as soon as the needle touches down. This one has all the hallmarks of The Pretty Things during their "Electric Banana" phase. As mentioned in my review of the "Mr. Pharmacist" single, The Other Half can be seen performing this number briefly in the pilot episode of "The Mod Squad." Lyrically the song is an update of The Monacles 1966 classic "I Can't Win" where the singer in question is King Midas In Reverse, in that everything that can go wrong does go wrong. But it's a first class raver all the way. I think Linc from the Mod Squad would classify this record as SOLID! KEEP THE FAITH BABY!

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