The Warlocks - Red Camera/Isolation

The Warlocks
Red Camera/Isolation

Released 2006 on Bomp
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 15/10/2006ce

I think the very fact that a record this great was released in the year 2006 proves there is still some hope for this insane asylum we call Earth yet. First off, this California group is not connected with the pre-Grateful Dead group or for that matter the pre-Velvet Underground group at all.

This bunch was put together by former Brian Jonestown Massacre
member Bobby Hecksher and a party of like minded friends. The Warlocks have several records to their credit, all them are certainly worth hearing. However it is this 45 that that has put them into the major leagues and then some.

Released in 2006, this is my choice for single of the year by a large margin. "Red Camera" is a terrifying dose of modern psychedelia that pulls out all the stops, it's a slow brooding number that can numb anyone's mind from the word go. The record plays at 33 1/3 RPM and clocks in over 6 minutes, every second is used to transport the listener into psychedelic oblivion. I guess I could compare it to groups such as Spacemen 3, Amon Duul 2, The Maze, and Arcadium. In fact Arcadium is probably the best comparison.

The flipside "Isolation" (not the Joy Division song) is even better, this number swings a little bit more, yet it still has the same intensity as "Red Camera." This thing just burns it's way into your soul and won't let go. I think you could compare this number to the Red Temple Spirits with a small dash of "Explosions In The Glass Palace" era Rain Parade. I can't remember when I heard a 45 with 2 such monsters on it, back to back. You need this record, trust me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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