Six Organs Of Admittance - For Octavio Paz

Six Organs Of Admittance
For Octavio Paz

Released 2003 on Time Lag
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 06/03/2006ce

This group Six Organs Of Admittance is basically a solo venture by one Ben Chasny (now of Comets On Fire.) I just got into them fairly recently. I bought this album first because I liked the album cover. Well, 2 tracks in and I was hooked, Chasny is one of my new heroes. With John Fahey dead and gone I can't tell how great it feels that someone is carrying on with the "high lonesome" sound of raga-folk. "For Octavio Paz" is a straight line back to John Fahey, Sandy Bull, Davy Graham and even Bruce Palmer.
The record opens with "Fire On Rain" which is a trippy space piece that is basically primitive guitar and chimes. "When You Finally Return" is a beautiful song that combines a down home guitar pattern and a chant-like vocal (there are no actual words sung.) "Memory, Memory,Memory" is a dead ringer for mid to late 60's Fahey, it also brings to mind people such as Bert Jansch, Jorma Kaukonen and the American Kaliedoscope.
What I really dig about Chasny's playing is his use of space, he's obviously capable of cutting loose in the manner of The Yardbirds "White Summer" but keeps the guitar heroics to a minimum and concentrates on atmosphere. In many ways this album sounds like Jerry Garcia's contributions to the "Zabriske Point" soundtrack. There is a real timeless feeling to Six Organs music that almost brings to mind flashes of the "gold rush" days of old California. In this age of digital wank-off that is a blessing indeed.
After listening to "For Octavio Paz" I raced right out and bought 6 other albums by this group and every one of them was great, the latest "School Of The Flower" being spectacular. Six Organs Of Admittance are certainly a group to keep your eyes on.

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