Allen Pound's Get Rich
Searchin' In The Wilderness/Hey You

Released 1966 on Parlophone
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 06/03/2006ce

This 45 was originally issued in 1966, and it is certainly one of the true "high water marks" in UK Freakbeat history. I would put this right there with "I Must Be Mad" by The Craig and "She's Got Eyes That Tell Lies" by Him & The Others. In fact this record is so great that there was a ultra-boss compilation named after it in the mid 80's.

What does it sound like? Try to imagine The Pretty Things' "Rosalyn" blended with the pre-Elektra MC5 singles and you would get the drift. This thing just expoldes as soon as the needle touches down, machine gun fire guitar lines, pounding Keith Moon style drums and a crazed singer (presumably Allen Pound on vocals.) In fact the singer sounds a bit like those crazy folks from Holland the Q65. All in all this record smacks you in the face like a Larry Holmes jab.

The flipside "Hey You" is a decent Mersey-style number that is worth giving a spin. I would say this record is at least 17.5 years ahead of it's time.

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