Cromagnon - Orgasm


Released 1968 on ESP-Disk
Reviewed by The Pope, 13/06/2005ce

Yeah sure-- everybody prattles on about these so-called "fucked up" records alla time to the point where the term loses it's edge entirely. Is it REALLY fucked up, or does it just offend the same twits who have built a little Ikea record collection based on MTV or "hipness"? Shit, some people think Ween or Pavement is/was way out there, wheareas I find them to be disposable pap that stole it's soul from early Zappa (former) or early Fall albums (latter).Which brings me to an album that truly IS fucked up: CROMAGNON's ORGASM. Before I go too deep into scribing here, for history's sake I'll point out that this sucka appeared in 1968 on ESP-disk-- mavericks among mavericks in the musick biz. They brought us Sun Ra's HELLIOCENTRIC WORLDS, the first two FUGS platters, ALBERT AYLER's SPIRITUAL UNITY, and of course, the entire catalogue of proto-punk heroes, the GODZ.Now, when you stick the needle into the groove that is opener, "Caledonia", you'll immediately think you're listening to Einsturzende Neubaten gone black metal, then you'll realize you're WRONG and that there was no reference points such as that available in 1968. Wow-- the next track, "Ritual Feat of the Libido" is simply "Caledonia" slowed down to 1/3 speed you may notice; it makes your hands kinda clammy... music shouldn't scare you right? Especially not the kind made by two guys who useta write bubblegum hits that would make Herman's Hermits blush??! Ooops! Shouldn't listen to those voices in your head-- not only is it possible, that's exactly what's happenin'. And who are these mantra-chanting freaks cryptically referred to as their "Connecticut Tribe"? OK, you can't see me, but I'm shrugging my shoulders nervously....

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