The Chords
Turn Away Again

Released 1981 on Polydor
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 16/07/2000ce

With the success of The Jam's 1978 LP "All Mod Cons" Polydor Records (UK) went on a signing blitz inking any group that resembled The Jam even in the slightest ways. Polydor pumped money into groups like Protex,The Purple Hearts,The Gas and The Chords hoping to find the next Jam.1979 saw the movie "Quadrophenia" released and before you knew it England was in the midst of a full blown Mod revival.
Most of the Mod revival groups were simply power pop groups who came and went in a flash. The Chords were probably the best of the Mod revival groups that Polydor signed but thier early records were just second division Jam copies that were quickly forgotten. A couple of 45's "Maybe Tomorrow" and "Something's Missing" showed promise,but by 1980 The Chords were yesterday's news.
Singer Billy Hassett left in 1981 to be replaced by ex-Vibrators vocalist Kip Herring and The Chords were back in action.The new singer seemed to invigorate the group clearly seen on thier new single "One More Minute"
Summer 1981 saw The Chords release the best record of thier career and one of the best records of the whole year in "Turn Away Again"
"Turn Away Again" was a stunning record reminding one of the direction groups like The Undertones and The Jam were going there was even a hint of Joy Division. There was definately a feeling of sadness about the record that seemed to signal the Chords knew thier days were numbered,they were the group split later that year.
This was a sad fact as Chris Pope was showing signs of developing into first rate songwriter.
Turn the record over because a spectacular dub version of the A side rests there that shows The Chords growing interest in psychedelia.

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