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Primal Scream - Acclrtr

Primal Scream

Released 2000 on Creation
Reviewed by Joe Kenney, 15/12/2003ce

From the songs to the cover artwork, this is a great single definitely worth seeking out. And not only is it the last-ever release on the Creation label, it also contains one of the Scream's best-ever songs, and easily their best B-Side to date: When the Kingdom Comes. Featuring Paul Weller on a (self-destructing)Rickenbacker, with MBV's Kevin Shields adding a layer of distortion, Kingdom is the best mod-rock song you've never heard. It sounds like the Who, transported from 1967 (before their Tommy-era excess) into the present, ready to rock out with modern studio technology and take names. All in all, a great song that should be heard by every Scream fan; to tell the truth, this should've been on the album and released as an A side, it's that good.

Five Years Ahead of My Time is tops too, a cover song that was included on the US release of XTRMNTR, but apparently got left off the UK version for some reason. And Accelerator itself, that's just a song to start a revolution with. Primal Scream shreds without mercy on this one, and every minute is perfect. Three great songs, great cover and design: the Scream Team strikes again.

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