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Released 1984 on Warner
Reviewed by minus-milk, 07/06/2000ce

This will be a short review, because to delve into the true meaning of this work would be near impossible. It can be found for extremely cheap almost everywhere, and therefore I hope that a few readers will simply put down the 50 cents to experience it.

Shout, the fifth album from Devo (which stands for de-evolution) is quite simply one of the most bizzare albums ever written.

It sounds like music WILL sound in the year 2500. It is a message sent from the future, a blue chrome torrent of synthetic pop unrivaled since its release.

At first listen it is unbearably plastic. You will agree within moments that it is the most artificial music ever created.

With the technology of the sampler, the instrument is sound itself. You can add as many effects as you want, but sound technology can go no further than an instrument which replicates and modifies the very physics of sound.
Devo recognised this, and Shout is the result, the impending wall at the end of the electronic music tunnel.

Its a cheap record, so just go get it and listen for yourself what the future of popular music will sound like.


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