Julian Cope presents Head Heritage

25 Suaves

Released 2002 on Bulb Records
Reviewed by Unisonic, 27/05/2003ce

A few weeks back I took an extra special trip up to Cambridge, MA to my friend Wayne's store Twisted Village for a music buying freakout that I've needed to treat myself to for some time. Some of you might remember Wayne as the axeman behind Crystalized Movements "Mind Disaster" LP many moons ago. I walked into the store, looked at Wayne who I hadn't seen in months and said "What do I need right now?" He flew over to the bin and handed me 25 Suaves "1938." He wasn't kidding. Not only did I need this yesterday, but all Head Heritage freaks and heads do also.

Headphones on and disc in tray some hours later I became a mad rocket through the universe. Cosmic debris of all kinds brushing by my body and the velocity wasn't peaking! This married duo of guitar and drums were in my ears with grit, grime and all out rockage that propelled my soul all the way over to the other side of Motorhead. Hell, even the sleeve of the album could have been designed by Lemme.

Nine songs of all out aural slam that just can't disappoint. And for a duo, you gotta know these two mean business. They bash it out with such ferocity you'll feel like they each have an extra arm while they perform. One to smash up your heavy metal and punk collection, and the other to force feed the pieces down your throat.

Like a streamlined, riff heavy Mainliner but really, really angry. NOT to be missed.

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