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Trisomie 21
Million Lights

Released 1987 on Play It Again Sam
Reviewed by Endorph, 12/02/2001ce

Million Lights
all works by TRISOMIE 21 except "Sunken Lives" lyrics by Makuto Oka. Cover by Gosseau. Photo by T21. Produced by T21 at ABS-Chromo management studio.
Directed by Chromo management May/August 1987. Line-up: Philippe Lomprez, Hervé Lomprez, Jean-Michel Matuszak (assistance). Front sleeve picture (JPEG, 40K) CD: 1987 (BIAS 76)
LP: US (BIUS 1006)

02:15 The Hazy Ridge - A sonic pounding beginning with a hard and complicated electronic drum beat. The keyboard effects add a mystical and soundscape atmosphere. This song opens the album the correct way. It's hazy, dangerous, beautiful and mysterious. This instrumental has a gothic, industrial feel but maintains the sensuality and emotion which it the trademark of T21. This song flows directly into the next.

04:40 Sunken Lives - This song is wonderful too. The pounding drum beat and synth have a typical industrial / gothic atmosphere. The lyrics are sung the same time the guitar comes in. This has a beautiful and wild effect. This song is hard, fast, cool, and wild. "Don't love, Don't feel"

05:25 There's A Strange Way This Morning? - This instrumental song is in two parts. The first part has pounding drums and ethereal keyboard effects. It sounds industrial because the music actually sounds like factory machines working, pounding, and moving. The second part of the song is just as beautiful but completely opposite sounding. The weird, backward-like sounds start it off. Then, a lush piano sparkles through it. The keyboard compliments the piano to make this a perfect TRISOMIE 21 classic!

05:00 Sharing Sensation - This can be described as a typical T21 song. There's the pounding drum beat and the atmospheric synth in the background. The beat is strong and danceable. Philippe's voice is a little higher than usual. "All forms of human life..."

06:00 The Rickshaw - This song is amazing!!! It is also in two parts. The beginning is slow and spooky. There is some delicate percussion which is complimented by thick, hard electronic percussion. There is also guitar and keyboard melodies. It's the kind of song which adds to the atmosphere of the night. The evening calls. The second part of the song becomes lush and full of emotion. Their drums become harder and so do the effects. When Philippe sings, the emotion is draining yet inspiring. "There was no real life to think of...(ah,oh)....imagination". This song is beautiful and sad. Another TRISOMIE 21 classic!

04:18 The Fairylike Show - This song sounds like opera with the violins and cellos. But the T21 weirdness is added when the voices of "Ohh" is played through the keyboards at speeds. Messes with your mind and you love it! Philippe then sings his heart out. I can picture the song being played in an opera house. It is beautiful and strange

05:30 Some Twenty One Miles From The Coast - This song is amazing too. The beat and the effects make you feel like you are flying or taking off into deep space. There is a freedom of being lost. "Son you must try this life you're talking about...."

02:00 Magnified Section Of Dreams - This instrumental is light and delicate. Though there are some hard drums in it, they are stretched out and filled in with synth effects. This is a cool one.

04:54 The Clencher - Extremely cool instrumental with a pounding beat. It almost sound like a running theme. I heard a sample of someone saying something about "persuasion". This is another cool one.

06:30 Million Lights- This is another amazing song. In two parts, this song creates a mystical atmosphere of beauty and romance. The beginning has a driving beat with computer generated effects. The electronic pounding drums add to the driving beat. The second part becomes beautiful and romantic. The drum beat is a little slower, complicated and full. It almost sounds doubled. The guitar comes in to compliment Philippe's voice. "Man an machiney...Of a million lights.. city of the night." This song is beautiful. Another TRISOMIE 21 classic

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