Julian Cope presents Head Heritage

Love Story: 1966-1972

Released 1995 on Rhino Records
Reviewed by Le Samourai, 17/12/2000ce

Here we have another incredible reason as to why I like Rhino Records. Practically America’s musical archives, Rhino has dug up and properly presented all types of music on CD for the last 20 years (or longer I’m not sure.) Jazz, Hip Hop, Garage Rock, Folk, Surf Music, Punk, Alternative, Spoken Word you name it Rhino has
probably done a fab liner note booklet with incredible pictures on it. Love Story 1966 - 1972 is one of the greatest CD’s Rhino has ever put out.

Starting with their hard charging cover of Burt Bacharach’s “My Little Red Book” (originally recorded by Manfred Mann for the soundtrack to the film “What’s New Pussycat?”) and hitting many highlights from their first self titled album and Da Capo - this amazing collection is a brilliant trip through U.S. Psychedelia. The major highlight of the 2 CD's is of course the entire track listing of Forever Changes - one of America’s all time greatest Psychedelic albums. Yet for me my faves are some of the post Changes gems like “August”, “Robert Montgomery”, and “Willow, Willow.” Either way it’s an even more suprising treat if you thought all Hippie Pre-Metal rock was all about Peace, Love & Mellowing Out (check “7 & 7 Is” for more details.)

Serious Love fans may quibble slightly with the track listing of this 2 CD set (I bet Julian might have a grumble or two) but this collection is STILL too good to pass up. Yes, the liner notes and pictures in the booklet are beyond exceptional. No, I don’t work for Rhino Records. If you can’t find Love Story in your local used Record/CD shop or megastore you can get it directly from Rhino at their website at http://www.rhino.com

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