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Brian Eno
Here Comes The Warm Jets

Released 1973 on Island/EG
Reviewed by zenbaby, 06/12/2000ce

“Here Come The Warm Jets’ was the fruit of speculation by all early Roxy Music fans, as to what would emerge from the ashes of Eno’s bitter split from the band. Employing the likes of Phil Manzanera, Andy MacKay, Phil Collins, Morris Pert, John Cale and Robert Fripp (to name a few), the resulting album was one of the most picturesque and imaginative sounding rock albums to date. The myriad of different instruments and sounds made for unusual pop music, but to the ears and the mind it was some of the most stimulating. The title track was the hypnotic instrumental closing the album and every song preceding it was nothing short of brilliant. The classic “Baby’s On Fire” was, indeed, a high point on side 1 with Fripp’s near 3 minute mesmerizing guitar solo. Bookended by songs like “Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch” (about a true story of internal combustion) and “Cindy Tells Me”. Back then, the best part of the album “Here Comes The Warm Jets” was one’s induced anticipation for his 2nd solo album, which would come the following year. 1973 was a great year for Rock music and this album only made it that much more spectacular!

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