Julian Cope presents Head Heritage

Various Artists
Dub Chill Out

Released 1996 on Music Collection International
Reviewed by Le Samourai, 14/10/2000ce

Many thanks to The Seth Man for pointing this heavy collection out to me. Dub Reggae is probably one of the most inpenetrable musical genres to get into. Yet it’s also one of the most simple and brilliant. Here’s a musical genre that basically does what Psychedelia did for rock music - take your standard music form (in this case Reggae music) and turn it into a trance inducing trip. Not a easy thing to do obviously. But the Dub Chill Out compilation is a great entry into this surreal world of Dub music.

The prophetic studio engineer/producers here like King Tubby, Lee Perry, Augustus Pablo (w/ King Tubby), King Jammy, Scientist, even famous Jamaican rhythm section Sly & Robbie all mess with Reggae songs here and create mindwarping illness that’s STILL hard to define. Most of the times the the Dub version of Reggae songs basically cut the vocals out and shine the spotlight on the rhythm section. Lee Perry’s “Lee Perry Upsetting Dub” is a prime example, with the vocals killed in favor of endlessly reverbing percussion and heavy throbbing bass. King Jammy’s “Jump Song Dub” turns the bass guitar of a normal reggae song into a menacing beast on the prowl. And Jammy’s “Slow Motion Dub” sounds like the rhythm section is overlapping itself but nevers loses its almighty groove. King Tubby’s “Dark Destroyer Dub” even makes the bass the center of a majestic epic.

Ralph Heibutzki’s liner notes are also solid giving much needed background. Dub Chill Out’s track listing is practically flawless and you never feel worn out by the 18 cuts compiled. A total K.O. of a collection and a perfect introduction to a very heady musical trip.

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