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Goat - World Music

World Music

Released 2012 on Rocket Recordings
Reviewed by Graveyard Poet, 20/09/2013ce

Goat's World Music is exciting! Although the band originates in Sweden, the music does not sound like it was crafted in chilly northern climes but borne in the bowels of a humid tropical jungle or the sweaty subterranean passages of a remote mountain temple. It is intensely TRIBAL. This is music for the body, a rhythm-based cycle for ancient rituals danced beside bonfires deep in the forest or by the sides of rivers under the light of the full moon.

The title of the album is befitting for the diversity of styles contained within:
a continuous piece of music in which all of the tracks flow together into an orgiastic melting pot of experimental psychedelia (like the jam sessions of Can's Tago Mago), an earthy, funky triumvirate of Sly & the Family Stone, Funkadelic, and Fela Kuti (soulful vocals, jazzy horn section, gritty guitar licks, African percussion), and droning, Far Eastern mysticism, which creates an apocalyptic atmosphere.

The two female singers shout urban paeans to the disco, chant pastoral hymns to mother earth and, as their namesake, occult invocations to the return of the Goatlord.

Pagan soundtrack for the 21st century!

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