Penetración Cósmica
Volumen 1

Released 2010 on Nene Records
Reviewed by U Are A Ghost, 30/03/2010ce

Their sound definitely “penetrates” and brings to my mind the cosmic sound of Miles Davis, Ash Ra Tempel or the fucked up fury of Penetration by the Stooges, perhaps the contemporary sound of The Skaters of James Ferraro might be a very close reference, so the name Penetración Cósmica (Cosmic Penetration), might be very well applied to these Mexican kids making free form music full of reverb and delay, but while The Skaters live to bring back the eighties, Penetración Cósmica doesn’t sound so possessed by the spirit it of the eighties, as some punkish attitude, psychedelic treatments and tribal passages appear here and there.

If the Boredoms made your ears bleed in the early nineties, their musical direction made a complete chance in the second half of that decade, looking for a more exotic sound and trying to find those trance-like qualities often found in music by artists like Can, Fela Kuti or Yoko Ono, the goal was not to be a noise act anymore, but to hypnotic the listener ant to use music as the final, perfect and utopist drug.

Guitars ring from moment to moment, perhaps those delayed strings may remind you at times of the work of U2´s The Edge, but don’t complain at this point, U2 might be boring as hell (except some moments where Brian Eno comes to save them from being truly boring and mediocre) but The Edge is a fearless guitarist, very much influenced by the sound of Television´s Tom Verlaine, and who has played along such legends as Jaki Liebzeit (from Can) and Jah Wobble (from PIL).

Volumen 1 is a record so different to current Mexican music; very few bands dare to get these loose while jamming, preferring to simply copy cat “alternative” U.S. Acts, but the sound of these guys really goes further as they finally get to some really powerful kraut grooves, space darkness and the kind of cosmic ooze that made those seventies records by Ash Ra Tempel, The Cosmic Jokers, Cluster, Tangerine Dream or Popol Vuh so special, so after been bored to death with the sound of kids trying to be the new Strokes, the new Franz Ferdinand and the next Café Tacvba, smile, shut the light on your room, close your eyes and get ready to be penetrated by these awesome tunes.

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