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ANEKDOTEN - 'A Time Of  Day'

'A Time Of Day'

Released 2007 on Virta
Reviewed by horazio, 05/01/2009ce

Aside from the numerous garage bands coming out of Sweden,
there's also a Progressive circle of outfits, producing amazing sounds
in the Yes, Genesis & King Crimson tradition.

Anekdoten are proudly waving it as evidenced on their last album ''A Time of Day", which took 3 yrs of writing, plus 4 months in the
recording studio. Heavily influenced by Crimson, their
compositions employ Mellotron (Championed by R. Fripp back in
the day). Guitarist/Vocalist Nicklas Barker is the moving force
behind the outfit, having spent a lot of time in other bands
(mostly metal) in the past. His singing is quite lyrical which
gives the tunes a special brush. While some critics might
accuse the band of ''living in the past'', the final result is more than excellent. Opener "The Great Unknown" brings a lot of
Crimson-esque memories up. "30 Pieces" begins with punk
drumming which falls in the background leaving room for more
keyboard-refined textures, colored by Gunnar Bergsten on flute.
"In For a Ride" enters in more Genesis circa Gabriel territory,
slowly building the tempo up. The calm hymn "Prince of the
Ocean" closes the project up.

The cover showing 3 monks crossing a leafless Swedish forest is
more than remarkable. Crimson fireworks exploding in the foggy
New Millennium!

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