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Released 1974 on VIRGIN
Reviewed by Augustus Payne, 19/12/2008ce

Daevid Allen the George Clinton of Space Rock?

I was first exposed to Gong through the highly hyped Camembert Electrique album. I gotta be honest I was let down. Luckily I gave Gong another chance. You was what I was looking for, a sort of space funk communion. I must be honest though two songs on this album stink. Perfect Mystery and A Php's Advice are everything I dislike about Gong. Wacky throwaway jazz rock that makes me cringe.

But once I figured out to sequence the album this way. I found a bewildering collage of Kosmic Space Funk of the highest order.

1.Isle Of Everywhere
2.Magic Mother Invocation
3.Master Builder
4.A Sprinkiling of Clouds
5.Thoughts For Not
6.Blow YR Trip Forever

With the Tracks rearranged in this order. I find You to be a moving space rock oddesey, as seem through the eyes of the Mayan people. With 2012 looming and the ending of the Mayan calendar, this album will become more and more Vital.

Space Whispers, Glissando Guitar, Electronics Galore. You is true sonic experimentation of the highest order. In today's stail music world. It's time for a reappraisal of this righteous album.

Isle Of Everywhere

Amazilingy this sounds as if the Cosmic Jokers are jamming with a laid back Funkadelic at a planetarium.

Magik Mother Invocation,
Master Builder

These songs build with holy sounding chanting vocals, kosmic synths, flutes and subtle free jazz vibes. Think Cluster 2 jamming with Albert Ayler at a mountaintop Mayan temple.

A Sprinkiling 0f Clouds

Imagine Tonto's Expanding Headband jamming with Ash Ra Temple trying to channel Lord Krishna with their almighty cosmic jam that even Sun Ra would shed a tear for. What a great droneathon.

Thoughts For Not,
You Never Blow YR Trips Forever

Thoughts For Not

Starts out with a medatative groove with space whipers.

You Never Blow YR Trip Forever

Starts out with the same medatative groove, then in the course of 11 minutes takes us through space rock, jazz rock, funk electronica and calm flute passages. After listening to this song you truly wonder why isnt Daevid Allen a house hold head name.

With You sequenced in this order this is True Sonic Shamanism at it best.

I like to refer to this album as Dark Side Of The Loons.

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