Julian Cope presents Head Heritage

Sun Electric

Released 1995 on r&s records
Reviewed by monkeyman, 25/03/2000ce

here a lp by these germans (good for smoking too) ambience-very and they had a great chill out with a track called O'Locco back in 1990.
there are a number of tracks here that do what "underworlds" 'blueski', taken from their Second Toughest In The Infants LP
does to the human head when it doesn't want it to stop, another is
'Since I lost My Head it's Alright" by Julian cope. worth checking out
without hearing voices.

01. Spreewald-dosed like a ghost before the storm...
02. Stimpak-barter and all that money can buy to escape this player
03. Eya-bladerunner the brain that would not die
04. Paralax-here right now,no way out
05. Bagatto-mother is turning into 'grand ma'
06. Cristal Bollore-beautiful lights to sound waves on the sea shore
07. Goldstruck-this what happens when the dirt falls of the daydream
08. Quaila-builting on top of the stones
09. Waitati Post-Is this the train commin in India ?
10. Tassajara-I listen to Kilimanjaro,old school
11. Wassa-chop suzy & bread crumbs
12. In Vitro-eat your heart out in time
13. Uschba-mad sciencer at the end !

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