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The Soft Machine - Love makes sweet music/Feelin' reelin' squeelin'

The Soft Machine
Love makes sweet music/Feelin' reelin' squeelin'

Released 1967 on Polydor
Reviewed by withnell, 17/09/2007ce

Onwe of the great intros precludes one of the great records.
A-side: 'give us a hit, Kev'...'uh, OK, gentlemen'....Robert does his Otis Blue from hop pickin' country turn on the singing while Da Boyz In Da Band Booker T it up behind him to the best of their ability. It swings & stings like a jellyfish in offshore waters. The 'Yeah! All right now...' tag is immortal. Minimum of instrumental fireworks, just 4 heads laying it down for the pirates.
B-side: oooooo baby. Daevid on penny whistle behind Kevin's lugubrious to the max vocal. THIS IS A FEELING FROM THE CEILING OF MYYYYYYYY
DREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM/I GET HUNG UP TIRED'N'STRUNG UP ON YOUUUUR SCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENE...' ...& so on. Ratledge's on out of tune piano to take it to the bridge (or thereabouts) then switches to (L.S.(D)) Lowrey organ & therein reveals the effect of his having asked Wyatt if he could borrow a Cecil Taylor LP when they were at skool. Then it's every man for himself to the fade. Beyond splendid.

No, I haven't got an original 45 either. Easiest way to get it without having to kill your china pig is to get the OUT-BLOODY RAGEOUS 2CD set, which does of course necessitate your potentially becoming exposed th what the Softs circa Phil Howard would have you believe is THE JAZZ. Ulp. But do you know what? You're worth it.

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