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Mr Bloe - Groovin With Mr Bloe

Mr Bloe
Groovin With Mr Bloe

Released 1970 on DJM
Reviewed by withnell, 17/09/2007ce

OK, to kick off, for those in pursuit of trivia - here's a question for you:
how many studio hacks does it take to write a classic hit instrumental?
Answer: 4, COUNT 'EM, 4! We name the guilty wo/men: Bo 'Not Bobbie' Gentry, Bernard 'Just Like Eddie But With an E On The End' Cochrane, P. Naumann & K. 'Sunrise' Laguna. But of course this matters not as as any fule kno this no 2 with a bullet back in May 70 was the spawn of Zack Lawrence aka Mr DJM when Dick James' back was turned. Personnel?
Harry Pitch for a start: legendary UK harp boy. Played on the BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI march music: also with Frank Ifield, Val Doonican ('Hello der!') and St., sorry Sir Cliff. On piano: Reg Dwight. Nuff said.
The music? Glamstompf drumming, lumpenproletariat upright by Reg, 70s session man 'cooking with gas' plectrum bass and the one & only Harry on the mouth organ. Verily it grooveth like ye proverbial bastard. From the days when music both mattered & was fun. And yes, I know the artwork's the LP not the 45. Pardon me all over the place.

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