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Alice Cooper
Zipper Catches Skin

Released 1982 on Warners
Reviewed by Funeral, 28/10/2004ce

Ok... let's be very serious.
If you're not an Alice fan you must be thinking "why review someone soooo undeserving?" Point taken. Aside from the odd album after 1973 (AC Goes to hell, Flush the fashion and Special forces) Alice was meerly nothing more than a Boozed up Blankety- Blanks cast member.
Troo Datt.

However, in the early 80's he really started delivering some quality albums (3, actually. This and the latter 2 mentioned above).
Gone was Bob Ezrin's over the top production and Alice's self indulgent "concepts". Also, alice decided to re-introduce the guitar as the primary instrument; not some multi-layered orchestral pomp.

This is alice at, perhaps, his most interesting (save the 1966-69 period)
Gone is the make up- to be replaced with short hair and a business outfit.

the music here is absolutely KICK ASS. Riff, after riff, after riff...
And the lyrics are delivered in an absolutely sublime fashion:
"You see my ultimate goal would be my life being told in a Penthouse letter that I could frame and keep at home, Oh I like girls.."
we're sure you do...

Oh, sarcasm...
what an amazing thing to abuse.
this album is absolutely Rife with Alice penning his most expressinve and amusing lyrics ever. I've owned this for some 16 years and- even though I know what line is coming next- it still makes me laugh outloud...

there are, however, a few notable exceptions.

"I am the future" is an appalingly bad soundtrack song from the movie "Class of '84"- Yes, i'm sure we ALL own a copy. Following that is "No Baloney homosapiens" which should have been left deep within the cutting room basket...
For shame.
From here, however, the album just rolls.
Riff, after riff, after riff...

And really, not a Krappy synth to be seen.
orchestration- FUKK OFF!!!!

Just Rock 'n' roll perform with Pure Alice Savvy.

Also this album boasts one of the best song titles ever:

"(I'm Alive) That was the day my dead pet returned to save my life"

I think you'd have to pick up your copy of "Ummagumma" to find more of a mouthfull...

I know everything I've written here will, for the most part, fall on completely deaf ears- We've all heard Poison...hmpf...- But, if you could just see it in your hearts, i'm sure Alice and I would appreciate it...

"Yeah, i'm such a Liar;
One time I told you.
You were the highlight of all of my sexual life..."

Also, PLEASE cheack out "Pretties for you" (69), "Easy Action" (70) and "Schools out" (72). FUKKIN' KLASSIK....

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