Julian Cope presents Head Heritage

Forever Changes

Released 1967 on Elektra/Asylum records
Reviewed by hungryhippie, 29/06/2000ce

Oh my god!
I don't know how obscure these albums are meant to be, but I am verrily surprised that no one has mentioned this one yet.
This is an unplanned review - i'm winging it right now, but let me simply say, if you don't own this album, how can you smile? I love this thing called love.
i bought it fairly recently, but i now know it as though i grew up listening to it. In fact, i have recently suffered from paranoid delusions that the song "the red telephone" was written about me, even though i wasn't alive when it was written.
The album seems to be expressing arthur lee's views of what happens in the world, and then throws it back at the end by saying, "hey, this is just how i feel at the moment."
Full of classic lines and classy horns, it is a timeless piece of beauty.
Thanks for reading this if you did, and if you have this album, try convincing everyone who doesn't that they should.

Oh, and it is Ken Livingstones favourate album of all time. He must be a pretty chilled bloke i guess. No wait, he can't be.

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