Black Sheep and Biker FM present

Tue'sday Night / Wodnesday Morning 2

September 6th/September 7th 2011

4 more hours of current and classic underground music from the heart of the UK’s most sacred ancient landscape. 4 hours of heavy sounds interspersed with sardonic humour, political commentary and timeless rudeness from Lenny Bruce, Dorian Cope and various members of the Black Sheep.

Brand new sessions from: Holy McGrail, Lucifer NYC and Nurse With Mound.

Plus recent music from: Party Killer, Tetragrammaton, Sturmpercht, Nadja, Stone-In, The Black Neck Band of the Common Loon, Teeth of the Sea, Annapurna Illusion, Kabalist, Qa’a and Ten Horned Beast.

Plus rare tracks from these sparkling Old Timers: Billy Miller, Thrones, Lilliental, Apryl Fool, The New Order, Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine, Andrew King, Flower Travellin’ Band & shedloads more.

…and once again presented by Big Nige & Julian H. Cope.